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Not Just a Machine – A Full Solution to Improve Efficiency and Quality at the Same Time

About InSitu

InSitu Foods is changing how pizza is made. Reliable employees have become difficult to find. Operators need process control to create consistent products and the human touch to connect with consumers. InSitu Foods’ Dough Processor can divide and round a dough ball to exact measurements in under five seconds, freeing precious employees to better serve the customer while improving the product at the same time.

The pizza industry is expected to hit $60 billion by 2027. Competition is fierce. To gain an edge, operators will need to invest in solutions that drive efficiency, improve quality, and free up human capacity to better serve customers. InSitu’s Dough Processor does just that – making dough production so easy, a new hire can produce like a seasoned vet.

The Dough Processor has the most accurate dividing function on the market and customizable features enable a solution tailored to specific operator’s needs. The result – better products, happier employees, and a healthier bottom line.

Not Just a Machine – A Full Solution to Improve Efficiency and Quality at the Same Time.

InSitu’s Dough Processor – Available Now!

Benefits Of Our Product

Save Time & Money

Reduce operating costs with the most accurate dough divider/rounder on the market, accurately dividing and rounding dough in under 5 seconds. The Dough Processor is built to give employees the ability to multi-task while making dough in the most efficient way possible!  

Plug n’ Play Out of the Box

The Dough Processor arrives fully assembled, is easy to wheel into place, and only requires a 110v outlet to begin processing dough! 


The Dough Processor frees employees from the repetitive motions of dividing and rounding, alleviating physical stressors, improving employee satisfaction, and reducing turnover!  

Simplify Training

The Dough Processor is intuitive to use and eliminates lengthy training associated with traditional dough production. A new employee can perform like a seasoned vet, Day 1!


Every operation competes by being different. InSitu Foods knew this when developing the Dough Processor, which includes customization options to best fit each customer’s needs!  

Beat the Competition

The Dough Processor is not just a machine – its a solution that generates strong savings while improving product quality at the same time! Learn how InSitu Foods can improve profitability AND customer satisfaction for your operation, today!

The Future of Food and Beverage Automation

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